Repiping & Trenchless Pipelining

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At All Star Plumbing we understand how frustrating it can be to experience water plumbing issues in your home or business, especially if you are having repeated issues such as line breaks, low water pressure and even smelly or rusty water. That is why we offer both trenchless pipelinig and traditional repiping services so that no matter what your situation is, All Star Plumbing is able to solve your plumbing issues. 

What's Best for You

Traditional Repiping

Repiping is the complete replacement of your plumbing system. This means that all of your old plumbing gets replaced with new pipes due to damage or safety concerns. This is done when the current plumbing system is extremely erroded to the point of being unsalvagable. Typically traditional repiping is used on much older homes, especially if unsafe pipe materials were used during construction. 

Trenchless Pipelining

Trenchless repiping is a technique for repiping a home or business in a way that is less invasive and faster so that there is very little inconvenience to you. Trenchless repiping involves running cameras through your existing plumbing in order to ensure that your current system is stable enough to be relined. To reline the pipes, a type of prefabricated system coated in an epoxy hardener is ran through the current plumbing system which then hardens to create a stronger more durable structure. 

When considering a whole house repiping, be aware this is a big job that requires an average size home from 2 to 3 days for completion. We know how this can affect you family’s daily routine or your business's profitability so All Star Plumbing will make every effort to complete the job in a timely and efficient manner to minimize any inconvenience.

Common signs that your pipes need to be repiped.

Repiping is sometimes necessary when a leak is large and the problem is more extensive. As the pipes in your home age, they are prone to frequent leaks and breaks, causing flooding and serious damage to your home. If you are experiencing any of the following issues then call All Star Plumbing today!

  • -You detect a metal taste in you water
  • -Your water has a strange odor
  • -Your water is discolored or milky
  • -You”re expereincing low water pressure
  • -Your pipes are repeatedly leaking, bursting or clogging
  • -Your pipes are old and possibly made of lead (before 1960) or galvanized metal (before 1990)


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