Toilet repair and installation

If you are in need of toilet repair or installation services in Abilene, Texas, call 325-665-3251 and book an appointment with our office manager. You can expect prompt, timely service. We will give you an appointment time and you can plan your day accordingly. We know your time is important to you as much is our time is important to us.

A clogged toilet can be a disaster when it overflows onto the floor. We understand that and your need for a plumber right away. If a plunger just won’t do the trick, call All Star Plumbing of Abilene.

Other problems with your toilet are a leak around the base of the toilet at the wax ring located between the bowl and the drain. It can become cracked or dried out and needs to be replaced. Secondly, the toilet wobbles from side to side appearing unstable, this could be a broken flange at the base of the toilet. Third, there could be a crack in the bowl or tank requiring toilet replacement.

Replacing your toilet

Replacing your toilet

If you have an older home, you may want to update the look of your bathroom and a new toilet could provide such an update. Sometimes the toilet is stained and discolored becoming unsightly. Replacing the toilet can also provide greater water efficiency then the older model toilets. This will save you money on your future water bills.

Choose the right plumber

Licensed plumbers are trained professionals with the knowledge necessary replace or repair your toilet correctly. The plumbers at All Star Plumbing of Abilene are licensed and insured. When you need a professional plumber call us at 325-665-32512 and book an appointment today.

Clogged toilet

Have you ever experienced a toilet that just won’t flush? We know that feeling of panic when the water rises and overflows onto the floor as you hurriedly rush to throw down towels to soak up the sewage water. Using a plunger sometimes works and sometimes the clog is too large. That is when you need to call professional at All Star Plumbing of Abilene. We have the tools to break up the clog and get your toilet flushing again. Please note: we do not recommend using over the counter drain cleaning products in your toilet. An experienced plumber from All Star Plumbing of Abilene will use the latest drain cleaning technology to clear out that stubborn clog. We can inspect your pipes with a camera to locate clogs when necessary.

How prevent a cloged toilet

Tankless Hot Watert Heater
  • Reduce the amount of toilet paper used
  • Flush the toilet after every use, do not the toilet paper accumulate
  • Do not dispose of feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, facial cleansing towelettes or paper towels in the toilet.
  • Flushable wipes are not flushable
  • Keep a wastebasket near the toilet to dispose of such products
  • Teach toddlers and children items that cannot be flushed down the toilet.


Clearing a clogged toilet can be messy and unpleasant. All Star Plumbing of Abilene is here to provide the service needed to get the job done in a professional manner.